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41 years of experience in the industrial and hospital field. 

Ultra Controlo is formed by a dynamic and enterprising team dedicated to the manufacture  of medical oxygen production plants, vacuum plants, medical compressed air plants, oil-free air compressors, complete vacuum and compressed air systems, and other products.

We’re present in more than 80 countries.

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Industrial Sector

For the past three and a half decades, Ultra Controlo has proudly stood as a leader in advancing vacuum technology across diverse industrial applications. Our esteemed partnership with the renowned Elmo-Rietschle, a part of the Gardner Denver - Ingersoll Rand Group, exemplifies our dedication to excellence.

As distinguished distributors, our network includes esteemed brands such as Gardner Denver, Thomas, and an exclusive collaboration with Elmo Rietschle and Speck Pumpen. We take pride in being at the forefront of technological innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions to our valued clientele.

Our expertise extends beyond distribution, as we actively engage in overseeing large-scale projects and the installation of centralized systems in industrial settings. From the realms of glass, automotive, printing, plastics, electronics, textile, cardboard, to the food and pharmaceutical industries, we've left an indelible mark.

Over 30 industries place their trust in us as their primary supplier, a testament to our reliability and commitment to excellence.With more than 36 years of unwavering dedication to the industrial sector, Ultra Controlo continues to be a trusted partner, delivering innovative solutions that redefine industry standards and contribute to the success of industrial enterprises worldwide.

Medical Sector

At Ultra Controlo, our unwavering commitment to care and vision distinctly influences our approach to shaping the medical industry. With a global presence in over 80 countries, we are a trusted partner in hospitals, clinics, and various healthcare facilities.We specialize in delivering comprehensive turn-key projects focused on Medical Gas Piping Systems. Every aspect of our solutions is meticulously designed to ensure uncompromised performance, operating seamlessly 24/7.

By setting a new standard for medical oxygen, we contribute to the advancement of healthcare delivery. We proudly serve as consultants on Medical Gases for the Ministry of Health (MOH) in different countries. Our expertise extends beyond product delivery, as we actively contribute to shaping healthcare policies and standards on a national level.At Ultra Controlo, we are dedicated to driving excellence in the medical sector, providing innovative solutions that redefine industry standards and contribute to the enhancement of healthcare infrastructure worldwide.

Designed with the earth in mind. Engineered to minimize its environmental impact, from how it’s built to how it’s packaged and shipped — even how it’s used.

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