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Centralized Suction Systems for Dental Clinics


First plant with 64 workstations still is running since 1989!

Designed for a centralized suction system for dental workstations.


Economical and Ecological

A control system turns the pump on or off as needed. This technology guarantees enormous energy savings as well as an endless long life-time. Since the system uses dry-running pumps there is no need for freshwater consumption and its treatment.

Wide Range of Models

Ultra Controlo offers a wide range of ULTRAVAC dental unit models for wet or dry aspiration systems up to 120 workstations simultaneously or even more. We design the system (pumps and components) according to the local conditions of use and the means available in the final destination.


Our QuVac controller ensures an equal number of running hours for the pumps and the progressive start as well as variable speed systems.


A highly reliable design maintains the internal cooling of the pumps and the control of the appropriate vacuum level independent of the different numbers of users.

Technical Specifications