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The Ultimate Oxygen compressor

The high-pressure oxygen booster ULTRACECO HP was developed to meet the requirements of safe and reliable oxygen compression service with special safety devices and electrical protections.


Very Reliable

Once respecting the service intervals the oxygen compressor ULTRACECO HP will grant that you will continue to fill oxygen cylinders for many many years, without surprises. Hundreds of compressors ULTRACECO HP are delivering thousands of full oxygen cylinders to Hospitals around the world or feeding the oxygen healthcare network.

Perfected Design

The ULTRACECO HP series incorporates design features developed over decades and is well suited to work 24 hour per day - 365 days/year. The performance will stay exactly the same as the first day of operation.

Long Lifecycle

The well-proven reliable components and excellent die casting and internal finishing combined with exceptional service enable a lifecycle of decades for the oxygen compressor ULTRACECO HP.

Service Expertise

ULTRACECO HP has behind excellent technical support and maintenance staff with Service Engineers and Field Engineers to ensure 24h after-sales service and spares for immediate service.

Technical Specifications