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Medical Vacuum Systems


Leading Vacuum Technology in the Hospitals

The ULTRAVAC plants aim to provide continuous medical vacuum for the hospital vacuum network. Our vacuum systems are fully automatic, very easy to install, and simple to operate and service.


Intuitive Large Coloured Touch-screen Display

ULTRAVACĀ® integrates the QuVac digital technology with an innovative touch screen display with a microprocessor controller.

Smart System

It is very easy to use and share information. You can get a phone call, SMS text, email alerts from the control system. Connect to Building Management Systems (BMS), BacNet Systems, or into your PC or tablet and get what you need.

Easy Installation and Commissioning

ULTRAVAC system is delivered fully connected and pre-assembled, including interconnecting cables and hoses. The medical device is parameterized, and factory tested, ready to install on-site. Medium and large plants, pre-installation, commissioning, initial start-up, and training of staff, are supervised by factory skilled technicians.

Vacuum Pumps With New Design

Our new Elmo-Rietsche vacuum pumps VC series, were totally redesigned in the factory in order to offer even more easy maintenance. Replacement of oil separator is done in seconds! Maintenance never has been so easy now!

Technical Specifications