Air Treatment Unit


Most Durable Dryer

Adsorption dryers provide clean, dry air with a pressure dew point range of -40 ° C to -70° C.The unit includes a pair of desiccant dryer, air filters, activated carbon filter and CO/CO2 reduction filters. Its the cheapest solution to replace your existing air treatment system as an upgrade to fulfill the actual regulations.


Easy Maintenance

The desiccant contained in cartridges is easy to replace.


Control of the actual water load makes it possible to adjust the adsorption cycles, which reduces not only the costs associated with regeneration but also the operating costs. The economizer indicates the optimal time for changing the filter elements.

Constant Updates

Information of operating status, faults, and maintenance intervals is displayed on a display.

Easy Assembly

Complete purification system including pre-filter, downstream filter, and electronic condensate trap, all equipment assembled together requiring minimal work for installation.

Technical Specifications