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Hospital Industrial Compressed Air


Instrument Air for Hospitals

The ACIH Hospital Industrial Compressed Air systems were developed to meet the needs imposed by hospital standards that prohibit the use of medical air for instrument air purposes, requiring an independent compressed air supply.


Easy Assembly

The screw compressors and high-efficiency air processing filtration and dryers are all pre-assembled and the only assembling required is to join the systems, very quickly, and adapt to space.


We can design the system for your special requirements and make sure that you get the best benefits since all our components were selected to guaranty the best performance. All kinds of compressors can be used to build the ACIH system. Oil-injected compressors; Oil-free Scroll or Reciprocating compressors.

Ecological and Economical

All systems are designed to minimize operating costs - less energy and parts - saving the environment.

Oil-free Option

Upon request ACIH, we can build from totally oil-free compressors to meet the most stringent requests of 100% oil-free air quality.

Technical Specifications