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Fully Automatic Oxygen Filling Stations


The complete solution for filling oxygen cylinders

The most advanced fully-automatic oxygen filling station in the gas phase. Equipped with the state-of-the-art high-pressure oxygen booster, ULTRACECO HP. High-quality Oxygen cylinders, Made in Europe, with TPED certificate can be provided together with the filling system.



With ULTRAFIL, the cylinders can be refilled for one-tenth of the cost of gas purchasing. Your investment return is faster. As gas price rises offer lower fixed costs.


ULTRAFIL is designed for maximum security to reach and exceed the latest standards. Works fully automatic and very easy to operate.


The rack for filling the cylinders can be from 2 to 24 as per your request.


Interconnections to High-pressure oxygen compressor ULTRACECO HP, ULTRAOX, or existing plant (optional).

Technical Specifications