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Thomas is a leading global manufacturer of fluid flow solutions utilizing trusted technologies such as WOB-L® Piston, Diaphragm, Linear, Rotary Vane, and Articulated Piston.

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Liquid Pumps
Thomas liquid pumps are well-suited to transfer all types of liquids, whether neutral or corrosive. The pumps are engineered to withstand harsh chemicals while delivering long life and maximum performance. Compact by design, Thomas liquid pumps set industry standards for high-quality design and reliable performance.
Small Pumps
Thomas is a leading manufacturer of small pumps for a variety of industries and applications. The extensive small pump portfolio features units that are as small as a coin or a paper clip. Our small pumps are oil-free regardless of the technology and provide high efficiency, sealed airflow capability, and platform modularity.
WOB-L® piston pumps & compressors - 2380 Series
The trademark series WOB-L® technology applied to either piston pumps or compressors can provide higher pressure and flow capabilities than many other pump technologies, in a much smaller package. They cover a wide range of applications due to the breadth of product platforms and performance capability.
Gas Pumps
The Vacuum pumps and air compressors are well known for their low power consumption, low pulsation, and high efficiency, outstanding flow to size ratio, and long lifetime to supply the best equipment in various evolving markets and applications.
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