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The next generation of Medical Oxygen

ULTRAOX Medical Oxygen Production Plant is calculated to ensure an oxygen concentration up to 95%, with a quality that surpasses the parameters of European and American Pharmacopeia.

Surgical precision. Maximum detail.



Modest capital investment in our ULTRAOX® Oxygen Production Plant may result in a reduction of more than 70% of your total annual bill on bottled or cryogenic oxygen charged by your actual supplier.

Oxygen with 95% concentration for a safe use

ULTRAOX carries our long experience and know-how working in the Hospital  field and taking care of the patients safety and integrity.
ULTRAOX ensures the delivery of very high oxygen purity. Every single plant is calculated according to various criterias.

Continuous monitoring

All of our medical oxygen generator systems are equipped with a continuous monitoring board. This ensures the control of different gases present in the remaining volume.
CO, CO2, H2O, and other gases concentration is measured and controlled in order to remain within the acceptable limits.

Fully automatic

The complete Oxygen production plant is fully automatic, even if equipped with filling station, ULTRAFIL.
In the unlikely case of a production line deviating from your pre-established parameters, the system automatically switches to the second source of oxygen supply. The alarm system warns of any problem so that the respective correction may be carried out.

Technical Specifications

ULTRAOX® - Container System

ULTRAOX® Container System is the best solution when no civil space or technical room is available or when one cannot afford to make local installation. *Our oxygen systems already prove to work in the deserts, islands, Patagonia or Amazonia. The oxygen plant ULTRAOX CO is built inside a navigable sea container with all included, under request.