Breathing Air Purifier


The state-of-the-art in breathing air systems

The ULTRATECH air treatment unit is capable to produce breathable air according the most exigent Internacional standards. The unit includes a pair of desiccant dryer towers, coalescing air filters, activated carbon column micro and sub-microfilmers and CO/CO2 reduction tower. The ULTRATECH has very long service intervals and it is the best choice to replace the existing air treatment system in your hospital.


Highest Quality

High-efficiency filters that grants 6.000 h to 10.000 hours of continuous service without the loss of initial filtration properties.

Ecological and Economical

Provides significant energy savings and extended replacement intervals

Constant Monitoring

Monitoring and digital control system, ULTRAGEST, for a very significant reduction in the power consumption and maintenance costs of the whole medical air plant.


Automatic drains with test buttons for operational control of the unit.

Technical Specifications