Inauguration of Oxygen Station in Sumbe, Angola

February 12, 2021
Inauguration of a ULTRAOX Oxygen Station that will supply all healthcare units in the near provinces!

The Hospital 17 of September in Sumbe, Province of Cuanza-Sul, opens today in the hands of the Minister of Health Dr.ª Sílvia Lucututa, equipped with the latest technology, fully automated and oil-free oxygen plant, capable of producing 39 thousand cubic meters of oxygen annually!Produced in Portugal by ULTRA CONTROLO, the station is able to provide an excellent supply to all local healthcare units close to the Province of Cuanza-Sul, having the capacity to fill 50 bottles daily. Ensuring clean and pure oxygen for the next 20 years!

In the words of Emília Tchinawalile, deputy governor of Kwanza Sul province

"It is an added value, yes, to guarantee that we are prepared to serve the population ... it will support all hospital units in the province and those provinces that need oxygen we will be able to serve."

Previously, the issue of lack of oxygen due to malfunction was constant. Since its installation, the previous oxygen plant, resulting in serious difficulties, especially in the treatment of patients infected with Covid-19, who need these oxygen therapies.

ULTRA CONTROLO is proud to have contributed in the delivery of this much needed medical equipment, this Oxygen Station embodies our company values of long-lasting and highest quality products in service of the medical industry and each patient it helps.


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