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International Technical Assistance Center, since 1987. 🇵🇹 🌎 ⚙️
Since day 1. We were the first Portuguese manufacturer of Medical Gas Plants, Vacuum, and Compressed Air Centralized Systems.

It's all about UltraCare.

2. Preventive maintenance

Performed to prolong the equipment life cycle and lessen the likelihood of system failure. Either by replacing or calibrating an element.

1. Corrective maintenance

Performed to rectify and repair faulty systems and equipment. The purpose of corrective maintenance is to restore systems that have broken down.

4. Genuine spare parts

Great quality spare parts best designed and selected to your needs and according to international norms.

3. Equipments

Wide range of high quality pumps, compressors, dryers, filters and other accessories for medical  and industrial systems.

Our Key Values


Support 24/7

Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to take care of any questions or concerns you may have.


40 years of experience and knowledge. Highly trained board technicians with 15 years servicing medical device at your help in any scenario.


Six months warranty on the equipment we assist.


We meet the requirements of ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

Peace of Mind

Less failures - less operating costs, with no surprises. All equipments have a long lifecycle.


Equipment for rental.
Factory exclusive parts and tools. Spare parts service.

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Who are we?

Ultra Controlo is formed by a dynamic and enterprising team dedicated to the manufacture of medical gas plants, assembled and tested in our factories and ready to be installed in clinics and hospitals everywhere around the world.

We supply complete turn-key projects, build to fit your needs, on Medical Gas Piping Systems (MGPS).

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