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In the mining industry, oxygen plays a key role. Given the depths of the mines, gases like hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide are present in the underground atmosphere. Regulations stipulate the importance of eliminating the risk to the safety and health of workers, a supply of oxygen offers safety with breathable clean air.

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To ensure that miners are supplied with sufficient oxygen, several cubic meters of oxygen per miner needs to be supplied into the mines every hour. This quantity will always depend on the composition of the gases present. So the uninterrupted supply of large quantities of oxygen is essential to any working mine. By installing a system directly with the aid of oxygen generators, it will ensure a cost-effective and safe solution.

When it comes to mines that extract gold the oxygen plays a secondary role in the extraction of such a valuable metal. Gold mining on an industrial scale usually uses the cyanide leaching process. With the help of a sodium cyanide solution rich with artificial oxygen, the solution is allowed to seep through the ground rock, and as a result of chemical reactions, the gold appears, which then can be easily washed out of the rock and processed into the next step. The inclusion of a ULTRAOX Oxygen Plant will increase the safety and productivity around the gold yield at a rate that pays for the system in a matter of months.

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