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Carbon capture and storage

CCS is the process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide before it is released into the atmosphere. With the help of gas compressors, the technology can capture up to 90% of CO2 released by burning fossil fuels in electricity generation and industrial processes.

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CO2 can be captured using different methods. The main ones are post-combustion, pre-combustion, and oxyfuel. We have the piston and centrifugal compressor solutions with their main role being efficiency and reliability. Once captured, it is compressed into a liquid state and transported by pipeline, ship, or a mobile tank. Usually pumped underground at depths of 1km or more, to be stored into depleted oil and gas reservoirs, coalbeds, or deep saline aquifers, where the geology is suitable. It can also be used to produce commercially marketable products, commonly known as carbon capture storage and utilization (CCSU) or in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Other forms of CO2 utilization are still under investigation.

At the moment, CCS is the only technology that can help reduce emissions from large industrial installations. It could be an essential technology for tackling global climate change. Together we can contribute to a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.

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Ultra Controlo is formed by a dynamic and enterprising team dedicated to the manufacture of medical gas plants, assembled and tested in our factories and ready to be installed in clinics and hospitals everywhere around the world.

We supply complete turn-key projects, build to fit your needs, on Medical Gas Piping Systems (MGPS).

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