Safety  Measures


Given this difficult times brought by the coronavirus pandemic of (COVID-19), Ultra Controlo is taking every mesure to secure not only the safety and health of our own team here in the headquarters and other offices but also working around the clock to provide better medical equipment around the world.

Our role as became even more important then before, as a supplier of top quality medical plants, equipment and accessories we have hospitals in more than 60 countries that count on us to deliver crucial machinery in order for doctors and nurses to do daily tasks. In the other hand many hospitals are looking to update their Oxygen plats and systems, many even creating new urgent care units to provide better care for its citizens and reenforce their line of defence for the ongoing worldwide problem.

We know the importance of keeping our vital equipment available and our team is still able to perform. Our sales team is active regarding any consultation. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.