ULTRAOC - To combat the effects of COVID-19!

November 26, 2020
Get oxygen directly from the comfort of your home! Highlighted as an essential supportive therapy for those with respiratory symptoms of COVID-19.

We are currently experiencing the greatest pandemic of the century. With a number of coronavirus cases exceeding 50 million worldwide. We all felt the impact of the virus, it affected our way of life and work, made it difficult to do simple things like going shopping, and created a new reality of social detachment. In these difficult times we also understand who are the people and companies that we can count on.

During these difficult times, Ultra-Controlo and its team of professionals will continue to work to offer the best medical products. Reinforcing our commitment and concern for your health and well-being.

To combat the effects of COVID-19! 

ULTRAOC is a portable oxygen concentrator that is here to help you! Although supplemental oxygen does not directly treat the virus, it has been highlighted as an essential supportive therapy for those with respiratory symptoms.

As the virus tends to affect the respiratory system, oxygen therapy is used to relieve the patient and reduce recovery time. With the ULTRAOC and all accessories, you can receive oxygen directly at home in a comfortable and convenient way. Our concentrator ensures an oxygen purity of 93% and with a life cycle of 18000 hours for you to have the greatest possible freedom.

With 10L / min of oxygen production, it can be the difference between surpassing or succumbing to SARS-COV2! Do not waste time. Purchase a concentrator before it is not available!

We are proud to be a company in the Health sector in the supply of oxygen and respiratory well-being.


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