Ultra Controlo supplies Huánuco against COVID-19

November 26, 2020
President and Minister of Health of Perú inaugurate medical oxygen plant and the opening of the Contingency Hospital of the Hermílio Valdisan District Hospital in Huánuco.

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President of Perú, Martín Vizcarra, and Minister of Health Pilar Mazzetti, inaugurated the Medical Oxygen Supply Plant designed by ULTRA CONTROLO - Portugal and the opening of the Contingency Hospital attached to the Hermílio Valdisan District Hospital, all in the city of Huánuco.

The Temporary Care and Isolation Center will treat moderated COVID-19 patients. The Medical Oxygen Production Plant is being used to supply medical oxygen for the actual Hospital Hermilio Valdisan, for the Contingency Hospital for COVID 19 patients as well as for filling medical oxygen cylinders.

For the moment it's the most advanced oxygen and safest plant in the country with a totally oil-less system. Designed by ULTRA CONTROLO, this state-of-the-art plant is helping to save a lot of patients for SARS COV-2 patients and not only.
This oxygen plant provides high oxygen concentration between 93 and 95% and at high oxygen purity due to the fact that the plant produces medical oxygen with medical air that surpasses the actual medical air standards.
Several Hospitals already pursue such technology like the Hospital de Tarapoto II; Hospital de Tingo Maria; Hospital de Iquitos; Hospital de Rioja among others.


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