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To bring beautiful textiles to life with all complex colors and patterns, factories rely on oil-less compressed air for faster more precise, and energy-efficient production.

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In textile manufacturing units, compressed air usually powers pneumatic systems such as in the spinning machine for a control purpose tough valves and cylinders, in loom jet weaving for the insertion of weft, and in the winding machine for slicing the yarn. Other processes like stacking devices, printing machines, threats detectors, and sewing machines are also very reliant on compressed air systems.

Because compressed air touches clothing fabric throughout the production process, it’s recommended that manufacturers use oil-less compressors. Any risk of oil coming in contact with the fabric can cause fabric-darkening grease stains and damaged/unusable end products.

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Ultra Controlo is formed by a dynamic and enterprising team dedicated to the manufacture of medical gas plants, assembled and tested in our factories and ready to be installed in clinics and hospitals everywhere around the world.

We supply complete turn-key projects, build to fit your needs, on Medical Gas Piping Systems (MGPS).

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