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Compressed air in the railway industry provides power to some of the most sophisticated applications that keep the rolling stock operational that is easily contaminated with natural contaminants like dirt, water, and oil. Further contamination in the form of oil, wear particles mix with the atmospheric dirt and water and create an abrasive paste that damages the system. If this contamination is not removed from the compressed air system, it will result in effects in performance, systems breakdowns and it will demand more maintenance and service costs.

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As most applications are external, they are therefore susceptible to climatic conditions and could result in fractured airlines and damaged pneumatic cylinders caused by freezing and blocked pipes.

All these factors give light to the value of compressed air used in the railways. Ultra Controlo will supply the most energy-efficient, durable, reliable air compressor so that the safety of the train and peace of mind is always guaranteed.

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Ultra Controlo is formed by a dynamic and enterprising team dedicated to the manufacture of medical gas plants, assembled and tested in our factories and ready to be installed in clinics and hospitals everywhere around the world.

We supply complete turn-key projects, build to fit your needs, on Medical Gas Piping Systems (MGPS).

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