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In both large and small breweries around the world, compressed air is present from start to finish, all details in the brewing process are managed in fine detail, and having the right air compressor is no exception. This could mean the adoption of a piston or rotary screw compressor depending on the task performed.

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The best compressor will depend on the role and use it will have in the brewery. A piston compressor will be preferable for low-pressure tasks such as keg washing. These air compressors use rotating pistons to generate heat and compress and release air and are most often used in small microbreweries. A rotary screw compressor is best for higher pressure tasks such as bottling or canning.

In addition, air compressors are also useful tools for other tasks around the brewery. Aeration is an important process in brewing, which involves adding oxygen to the yeast during fermentation. It is also used to power machinery during the clarifying process. The pressure of the air removes solids and gives a cleaner final product. Given the importance and impact in the brewery process a food air compressor system is with the investment.

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