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The aquaculture industry adopts oil-free air blower technologies and oxygen systems in order to meet all the demands of aeration and pneumatic conveying processes.

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A lot of the processes within the cultivation of fresh or saltwater fish are dependent on the delivery of certified clean, oil-free compressed air or oxygen - especially in the case of dense populations. Blower pumps provide a continuous supply of oxygen to the ponds where fish farming is practiced. They enable a higher production of fishes and shrimps comparing to the natural breeding process of these organisms. Guarantying 24/7 working systems with up to 95% oxygen purity.

With these energy and cost-efficient oxygen solutions, we offer reliable equipment that can that help you guarantee the quality of your end product and support your sustainable growth.

Who are we?

Ultra Controlo is formed by a dynamic and enterprising team dedicated to the manufacture of medical gas plants, assembled and tested in our factories and ready to be installed in clinics and hospitals everywhere around the world.

We supply complete turn-key projects, build to fit your needs, on Medical Gas Piping Systems (MGPS).

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