Ultra Controlo has just delivered two oxygen plants to save more lives in Peru!

Portuguese engineering at the service of humanity!

In partnership with the company KSI, ULTRA CONTROLO INTERNATIONAL PERÚ SAC conceived, manufactured and installed two Oxygen Production Plants for medical use, ULTRAOX that has just been delivered and opened.

Two Medical Oxygen Plants ULTRAOX for the Hospital Regional Policial de Arequipa and Hospital Regional Policial de Chiclayo, Peru. For their new Emergency Services and Intensive Surveillance care unit, in order to improve medical care and health response capacity.These Oxygen Production Centers are fully certified as a Medical Device for greater guarantee and peace of mind for their users.

The Minister, Jorge Montoya, supervised the medical facilities in order to guarantee timely care for police officers and their families. He assured that the police will have better specialized and comprehensive health care.

“These facilities are a product of management and the desire to do things better. We are living a very difficult time for our country and our National Police is on the front line battling the coronavirus. That is why we need to contribute to the health of our agents and these new services that we present today are proof of this, ”said Montoya.

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